President’s Message


To our investors,


CROOZ, Inc. was established on May 24, 2001 and listed its shares on the
JASDAQ Standard Index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on February 14, 2007.
Later, in May 2018, we adopted a group management framework, making CROOZ,
Inc. a holding company and converting its businesses into subsidiaries. Since
our founding, we have also changed our core business more than five times.
Despite these transitions, over our approximately 20 years of management, we
have achieved sales growth on 17 different occasions and have generated profit
for 17 consecutive years. We have also had the opportunity to develop a wide
variety of businesses in the IT industry.


Since our founding, we have endeavored to achieve our ultra-long-term goal of
“expanding market cap to JPY1tn by 20XX,” regardless of the businesses we are
conducting. While striving to achieve this goal, we have ensured that our
operations are properly aligned with the CROOZ Vision for Continual Evolution,
which calls for the development of 100 entrepreneurs who will each create a
business worth JPY10.0bn.


To achieve this goal as quickly as possible, we will carry out our role as an e-
commerce solutions company by further increasing our focus on the field of e-
commerce (our primary area of expertise and a growth industry) while also
paying due attention to new businesses and M&A. We will facilitate these efforts
by drawing from the extensive expertise and track record we developed through by CROOZ. Upon careful consideration, we have concluded that
this path will take us to our ambitious target of market capitalization of JPY1tn
in the shortest amount of time.


Moving forward, we will utilize the CROOZ Vision for Continual Evolution as a
means for acquiring superior entrepreneurs while focusing primarily on by CROOZ as we aim to generate transaction value of JPY100.0bn
and OPM of 10% through e-commerce-related businesses by the fiscal year
ending March 31, 2026. At the same time, we will invest primarily in businesses
within the growth industry of e-commerce and contribute to the overall
development of the e-commerce market.