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This service allows CROOZ to send investor relations information to shareholders and investors.
Registered users receive notifications about results announcements, important press releases, and other information related to investor relations.
By registering, you confirm you have read and accept the important notes outlined below.

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  • CROOZ takes every precaution in ensuring the service provides accurate information, but the company will under no circumstances assume responsibility for any consequences that may result from the information or its usage, or for any adverse or other effects owing to service disruptions or other factors.
  • Users who wish to change their notification email address are requested to first cancel their presently registered email address and subsequently register their new email address.
  • Information registered through the service will not be used for any purpose other than the provision of investor relations information. For details regarding our handling of personal information, please read the personal information protection policy posted on the website.
  • Please note that if the email address registered for the service cannot be confirmed or is unable to receive email notifications, the registration details will be deleted.
  • The email notification service is geared toward desktop computers, and CROOZ cannot guarantee notifications will display properly on mobile phones or other devices.
  • Please note that service contents may be changed or the service itself cancelled without notice at CROOZ’s discretion.
  • In addition, the contents of these important notes may also be changed without notice.