Message to investors

In October 2016, CROOZ announced its new business policy “Conducting business portfolio reform that is indispensable to ensure sustainable development of the company, and transforming SHOPLIST into a brand that represents the fast fashion e-commerce field.” Furthermore, we adopted three resolutions to achieve this policy.

  • ①Shift business structure toward the high-growth SHOPLIST business. Transfer the highly unpredictable gaming business to facilitate a reallocation of management resources.
  • ②Concentrate management resources on SHOPLIST and step up M&A activity.
  • ③While concentrating on SHOPLIST, approach the gaming business from an investment perspective. Continue to engage in the gaming business via subsidiaries by transitioning from high-risk to low-risk development methods.

CROOZ has developed over the years by embracing change.
In order to keep pace with the changing times, we have altered our main business more than five times in the 16 years since our founding, and over those years, renewed record sales 14 times without posting a single operating loss.
While we have benefitted in part from favorable social and business environments, we believe our business achievements are the result of relentless efforts by our executive team to continue developing human resources who are resilient to change and therefore capable of overcoming turmoil, and a management stance centered on reform deemed necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the company.

However, our cultivation of human resources who are resilient to change has not been the only factor underpinning our success.
We have also accumulated ample funds that allows us to invest without hesitation in the next challenge.
We believe the future will bring many opportunities to take on bolder challenges and reform than we have undertaken before, and we will strive to contribute to society accordingly.
Our shareholders and investors, who continue to give us their support, can expect the company to further evolve and expand going forward.

April 2017
President and CEO Koji Obuchi