IR policy

1. Basic stance on information disclosure
CROOZ’s basic stance is to transmit corporate information such as its management policy, business strategy, earnings results, and financial condition to shareholders, investors, and analysts in a manner that is accurate, easy-to-understand, timely, and fair. The company will not disclose any specific information to any specific individuals.
2. Information disclosure methods
For information required to be disclosed by law or timely disclosure regulations, CROOZ makes prompt public announcements in line with the designated disclosure methods via the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet; provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and press release announcements. For information that is not subject to timely disclosure regulations, the company’s policy is to transmit information to shareholders and investors in an accurate and fair manner using timely and appropriate methods. In addition, all disclosed information will in principle be posted on the company website shortly after being publicly announced. (However, please note that such postings may be delayed due to technical reasons.)
3. Thorough internal implementation of IR policy
CROOZ ensures that its IR policy is well established and implemented across the entire company. All inquiries from investors, analysts, and research organizations are handled by our IR Department. This ensures the company and its employees are protected from various legal liabilities including those under the Securities and Exchange Act.
4. Voluntary restraint period for investor relations activities
CROOZ adopts a voluntary restraint period for investor relations activities in the four weeks leading up to results announcements for quarterly results. During this period, company executives and employees abstain from making any comments or responding to questions on the result details or business outlook. However, if important events occur during this period, CROOZ will disclose related information in a timely manner. We request your understanding in this matter.
5. Other notes regarding website usage
When accessing information on the company website, in addition to this IR policy, please also refer to the news releases and other materials. The information provided on the website is not intended as a solicitation for investment. Accordingly, users are requested to make investment decisions at their own discretion.